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Posted: Thursday, February 7, 2013 7:10 PM

Forget ever seeing me. Mean lying thieves are stopping that. I really need to know who is stealing all of my e-mails and phone calls. All I need is a photo of the lying stealer that shows up and a tag number.But, any real, valid info is also helpful. Lies being told can get to co urt and someone showing up other than me has to meet with you free of charge for any length of time you ask and I will stand up with you on that in c o urt also. I am doing some things for my we b si te - professional photos and video; it will be up and running soon. You can try me at 919-916-8051(this number has somehow been changed into a landline number, when I called a friend today it was a click like pick up/hang and dial tone -this number is a cell; I answer this number when it gets to me. (I can also send some pics via this number) but somehow they are stealing everything. You can try hitoyou025@gmail.com I have begged and begged for help with this situation. I am telling you honestly that someone is now and has been, for a very long time, stealing my business e-mails and phone calls; it is very important that I find out who is now doing this and who has been doing this in the past. Thank you. I want to thank everyone for sitting by and watching this be done to me. Everyone is really great.I would help you. New pics and they are me and not photoshopped, fake, or altered in any way!!!.My hair is shorter now, still very light blonde (I am into Emo hair-it is to just past my b ra str a p; and I have some awesome new photos that will be posted soon) NO phone number for a while-some crooked treacherous liars are stealing my phone calls and e-mails(and obviously, my replies (stopped those now; you can e-mail me at a.realgirl@live.com/ from this ad; if you have replied and gotten a response, please visit my address-yes it is quite ok to do that- with info about it (e-mail info). This phone number 919-938-9173 is my property and any attorney will tell you that. It is illegal to steal my phone calls, along with stalking that causes emotional distress.Please help out with this. It would bewaay more than appreciated. If someone illegally intecepts a phone call from my number 919-938-9173 or an e-mail reply, they are obligated and guaranteed by me to meet with you, at no charge, for any amount of time you wish. If someone other than the 114 lb. girl in my photos shows up from my phone number or e-mail, they are stealing and will have to meet with you at no charge.The main info I need is a teg number and photo/video of the stealer that shows up. There is compensation for this. Thank you. If anyone were to tell me they were being robbed of every business resource they have, I would help because it is not right to rob people and tell lies about them out of envy or jealousy, or for any other made-up reason. I would help anyone who asked because I am that type of person. (you can call-the number is still mine- but it is being Illegally re-routed somehow! HELLO! your help is needed and greatly appreciated with this/you are missing out and so am I- but 99.99% of the calls That should come to me- go to jealous, envious, predatory, parasitic, lying thieves without my permission-please find a way to let me know who is illegally re-routing and answering my phone number and stealing my business e-mails.OCTOBER 2012: TWO key things are needed to get this handled: a snapshot or video of the girl who shows up and a vehicle tag number(compensation for this is negotiable) If they return your call from a number that is different from my 919-938-9173, that number will also help.;this is the most evil, mean group of thieves and they are destroying mine and my familie's lives/someone out there has to be a good enough person to help with this lying/stealing phone calls and e-mails situation)300 dollar compensation for video of the thieves-guaranteed instantly. The person checking my number stated that some older woman is answering and saying mean things... I answer when it rings to me & I sound very /my voice is distinctly . If you know who these people stealing from me are, please contact me. I AM BEING ROBBED INCESSANTLY(the thieves /illegal phone number re-routers and e-mail stealers are stealing everything from me (phone calls, e-mails, modeling offers from modeling sites)because they are jealous and envious-they don't even know me(one girl with dark hair told a guy we were in the middle of switching rooms;I am strictly outcall and I work ALONE)- a black girl tricked a client and took his money, etc. I am in now way linked with these thieves and I would really appreciate any info you can give-you are welcome to stop by my place of residence. ,Funny, huh??? Not to me and my family it isn't. If you call me and someone who is not me (the girl in my photos) shows up, they are required to meet with you for any length of time that you specify for free(1 month, 1 year, etc.)They are robbing me and baiting and switching you so Hey, have them wash clothes, clean, whatever you wish for FREE. After all, they are lying, robbing, vicious thieves who will tell any lie available to jealously rob me and steal my phone calls and e-mails. ($300.00 compensation for video of these thieves and there is compensation available for recordings,etc.) Today is August 10,2012; the person who calls and checks my number stated that an older white male is answering my number-he is stealing my phone calls/noone answers my phone but me or they are stealing. New photos taken today, Aug. 10th,2012!!!Do you think it is funny to keep someone from having any calls or e-mails and isolating that person from the world because of jealousy and envy???? To vandalise that person's property(this edit/interjection is being done Aug. 10, 2012-there has been more vandalism done-there have been things done around my family member's home that are so bad I can not mention them here, so please help my family and I catch these thieves-thank you;recordings, video, names, tag numbers) and do things to the person's pets??? Would it be funny if it were you??? (you can try calling my 919-938-9173 number(this number was set up for me by a family member and the business license by another family member who has a fiancee and no interest in this other than to protect me-the number was set up for ME{the girl in the posted photos + in all of the photos on my website + my photos are not photo shopped ever or altered in any way}, not morbidly obese people and lying thieves) but the thieves are illegally re-routing it so badly that I can not get any calls; Today is July, 2012 and I am asking that someone help with catching the phone call stealers-if you know anything, at all, about the illegall/unauthorized phone number hackers/re-routers,please let me know There are large and small rewards. Thank You + you are welcome to stop by my address) since someone is so jealous they can not stop illegally re-routing my phone calls & they just can't seem to stop themselves from stealing everything from me; including e-mails. For Initial Contact: Send US mail c/o Madison to 8155 Cleveland Rd Clayton NC; write down the best the best date and time to call you and I will give you my contact number then. After that, you should always be able to reach me. Or, stop by the address between the hours of 3pm and 3 am Mon-Sun. Thank you. A group of lying jealous pre da to ry thieves is stalking me and stealing my business phone calls.And, the illegal/unauthorized phone number hacking/phreaking/rde-routing is being done worse and worse. Every Civil and American right I have is being violated 24/7. Please help with this situation. Again, I am asking that someone help out with this situation.This situation will not get handled unless someone comes forward with info (recordings/photos/response e-mails-any info is needed and appreciated) on these illegal phone re-routing thieves. Thank you. I just received an offer (May 2012) to travel to Puerto Vallarta and work with major/top-notch photographers via a very well-known world wide clothing and swimsuit company and I can not go because of the phone number re-routing thieves. Every time you do business with these thieves on my info you are helping them destroy MY career opportunities. My ads photos and phone number + e-mail account are for me-not a group of lying thieves. Today is May 11th 2012 May 10th I started mowing the grass: got front yard done, went to store, started back mowing and someone had cut the spokes on the back wheel. May 11th; was going to mow anyway and someone cut spokes on the other back wheel and, loosened the front wheel. There is a lot more being done that I can not speak about but it is the same people and someone out there knows who these thieves are. Again,. I am asking that someone help myself and my family with catching these evil things. A nice, normal and intelligent human would not do this to someone. Your halp is needed and greatly appreciated. I should not have to sit on a sofa for years because someone is jealous and they are using me and robbing me to death. I look like a baby super model and my personality and intelligence far surpasses my looks. Someone out there knows who is doing this illegal activity to me. A loser has nothing to lose. I have suffered monumental loss. This is de-frauding my ads and business, it is stalking and false imprisonment + conspiring to take over a business by illegal means. This has to be the ug;liest group of girls on the planet or the most jealous or both. Recordings and/or video of these thieves is rewarded. Today is April 22nd and some time last night they put more dents in the car. Today is April 13 2012: I spoke with the person who checks my number a lot and they stated that it is pickup, static and then disconnect on my number. Before that some slow-sounding white guy. Thank You.Call me at 919-938-9173 I work ALONE. I am Caucasian/white 5'8" 114 lbs 42C(very firm, real and beautiful) 24 36 Very long(to my ankle) curly blond hair (to my ankle and not a wig) with ban g s I look very very youn g but I am 24. My photos are exactly me and not photo shopped ever. I work alone exclusively. I drive a metallic green Hyundai accent GT; it resembles a porshe coupe from the side-cheap knock off: (which I have owned for 2 weeks and whomever has keyed and kicked it 3 nights in a row + on my last photo shoot whomever stole my juno sport movado watch;{out of the house while I was out} that I would have owned the rest of my life) Today is March 25th 2012: I NEED TO KNOW WHO IS STEALING ALL OF MY PHONE CALLS THE IDIOTS VANDALISED THE CAR AGAIN LAST NIGHT/GAINED ACCESS TO THE TRUNK AND VANDALISED IT THE CAR WAS IN IMMACULATE CONDITION AND THE FIRST PAYMENT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN MADE YET I KNOW THERE ARE SOME DECENT PEOPLE OUT THERE PLEASE COME FORWARD AND HELP WITH THIS THANKYOU.A PERSON BEING NICE AND BEAUTIFUL IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR THIS. THIS IS FORCED WHITE SLAVERY- using the beautiful girl to get losers work by stealing my phone calls and e-mails. I run ads for me not for jealous hater s-who are stealing all of my phone calls text msgs and e-mails (Yes, this is happening). If you know who any of these thieves are please let me know. There are rewards for valid, provable info about the jealouS, lying prers illegally stealing my phone calls, e-mails and text messages. Thank you. I ANSWER MY PHONE. The girl who calls and checks my numbers for me told me a black guy with a deep voice has been answering my phone for the last 3 weeks-he is stealing!(I spoke with her February 19, 2012. NO ONE other than me is authorized in any way to answer my phone and/or meet with you from my ads and photos;that is stealing. Yay!!! PR's are done!!! Just goog search A. Austin + Biltmore WhosWho and you can read them 1st hand. The thieves are incessantly stealing my business phone calls and e-mails.If you or anyone that you know can help with getting them caught please contact me. I am seeking a White Hat Hacker/Ethical hacker to help with this. Recordings and video + photos of thieves/any info is greatly appreciated and rewarded. Illegally re-routing and stealing my phone calls is terrorism-forced poverty and false imprisonment. Yet, my phone calls are being illegally re-routed and stolen every second of every day.I am being robbed and robbed and robbed. If you can and will help with this stupid/lame/absurd situation it is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Research on the phone number stealing has shown that once you reach me you can always reach me or visa-versa. So, you can stop by my address and I call your number (if you have been trying to get me and can't) or you can US mail me your number and give me the best time to call you & once I call you you should always be able to reach me. And yes, I am worth the effort. Or so I have been told. Some of my great guys out there have asked how they can help. If you are a guy who can reach me and wish to help; if the number you can reach me from is a cell, take the battery out-go out and call from stranger's phones and you will get the thieves or,at the very least-you will see first hand what occurs when new people attempt to call. Thank You. I am one of the Best Adult Entertainers and I am the girl in all of my photos and I work alone. My contact number is 919-938-9173 ;When these numbers are not being hi-jacked and illegally re-routed, you get me.When the numbers are being illegally re-routed, you may get a jealous thief that is not me. When I return your call the number shows up. When the thieves return your call it shows up restricted. I do NOT have voice mail, an answering service or someone who takes messages for me-I answer or call you back. If anyone else shows up from MY contact numbers they will meet with you for free for any amount of time you wish. I work alone. You can also pick me up at my address for appt. to ensure that you get me. New photos!!! My hair is light blond. Not hunny blond any more. Bust is still 42C. I have been running with 20 lb. wrist weights!!! FUN. On a less fun note: Can someone please step up and do the right thing by helping to get these phone number thieves caught and off of my phone line so that I can live and work??? Any help/info. is needed and greatly appreciated. I am the girl in all of my pics and I am the only girl whom should meet with you from my ads/photos/phone numbers and website. This illegal phone re-routing + business e-mail stealing and other stealing has gotten so bad it is unreal. I am being robbed every day. On July 20th I paid a marketing firm for a block of advertising that generates 1,000 new ads and I can not get any phone calls because some jealous/envious/ loser-thief is stealing all of my phone calls. Someone out there knows these thieves and how they are doing this. While these envious thieves are doing whatever with both of my phone numbers I am forced to stand beside the road with a sign about the stealing, illegal re-routing and the Reward: Yes, even in the heat day and night and all of this past weekend. And I will be standing beside the road with a sign every day and night until this gets handled/I could be retired right now. These thieves are such losers they will never retire. If you obtain any info you would like to present me, go to the 8155 Cleveland Rd Clayton NC 27520 address please. Thank You. This is my business. It does not belong to any and everyone. My pics are me all the way and anyone else showing up/meeting with you from my ads and phone numbers is a lying, jealous thief. These thieves are using me to get free advertising, modeling and phone service. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. This is my business and I am all about customer service, fun and happiness. When you meet with me, you get a , beautiful, smart, relaxing girl. There is a large reward (($50,000.00)-guaranteed payable within 2 months of conviction. and also other rewards for info on these thieves. This is by far the worst case of mobbing/stalking/robbing that myself or anyone that has witnessed all of this activity 1st hand have experienced. In your spare time check this out http://gbr.pepperdine.edu and 2010/08/are-workplace-bullies-sabotaging-your-ability-to-compete/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/mobbing Check out my stats www.madisontheprettyblond.com/stats and consider this: I have had 4 phone calls in the last month. Again, Your help is greatly needed and appreciated. I don't load up a vehicle with clothing and trek across the area and spend hours shooting photos for other people to steal my business illegally. If you do come into contact with these jealous thieves please get as much info as possible. Also, anything they may attempt to tell you will be a lie (Like, "madison is not available but she said I can see you" etc. : Ask them to write a statement of anything they may tell you and sign it because they are lying. I work ALONE).(I have new pics on my site ( I am always working on myself so I look way better now). I studied Opera so I plan to do an Opera video on my site soon and I also plan to post a 1-on-1 lap dance video on my site. My hair is to my ankle and it is honey blond and wavy in the front and almost to my derrierre in the back and all of my hair is attached to my scalp. I am 5'8" (sans heels) and 114 lbs; True 42C-24-36 Size 2/3. I also have mile-long legs. I always strive to bring you the best in Adult Entertainment and I WORK ALONE. I offer Escort, Dance, Massage to the Best of Gentlemen. My pics are 1000% me/Accurate and totally me as is my description- I use my own photos exclusively. If you schedule an appointment and a person shows up that is not EXACTLY the person in my photos you are dealing with a thief/robber. FYI If this occurs: In the last week alone the jealous family members involved in this have stolen 1 shoe out of each pair of 7 very nice pairs of heels(yes. they left the other shoe just for me). They have also in the past written in black marker on my Asics gel running shoes and written in marker + smeared makeup on my very nice clothing and shoes + made in them + stolen 99.9% of my personal property-including VS lingerie, under garments and almost all of my clothing; this should warn you well about their capabilities. I do not trust my reputation to other people. I am being robbed every day so if you can help out with catching these jealous thieves please let me know. Thank you. I always use my own true pics in ads and on my website www.madisontheprettyblond.com I am the only person with credentials to meet with you from my ads and phone numbers. This illegally re-routing every phone number that I get and stealing all of my phone calls has surpassed stupid. The hags doing this are insanely jealous and they will lie like rugs to keep me from living and working because they are JEALOUS. I will be starting a stalking/lying/mobbing/robbing website very soon with all of the dirty terrible things these jealous lying thieves have done and continue to do to me. I do not need this type of sociopaths in my life. Any help you can give is needed AND GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank You. Please call only for appt.919-938-9173 I answer this # or call you right back.I am fun, , beautiful and intelligent and I have a group of thieves illegally re-routing my business phone numbers constantly.They are also stealing all of my e-mails from hotmail account a.realgirl@live.com If you are able to contact me it will be a miracle because they will not let me have 1 phone call they are so insanely jealous. If by some miracle you can contact me try calling from other numbers and see who/what you get. The phone thieves have also somehow coerced family members to steal 99.9 % of my personal property. Not to mention all of the other desperate, jealous mobbing type things that are and have been done. These family members are not blood-related but they are very jealous (I did not know how jealous and mean until recently) and one of them has helped the police from about age 12 via her parent's permission to wear a wire on her friend's parents. There is a $50,000.00 Reward for the arrest and conviction of this group of thieves that will not stop illegally re-routing my business number. .You can always reach me at my familie's address 8155 Cleveland Rd Clayton NC 27520. There is also reward money for info like Names tag #'s number they call you back from recordings (audio and video) and any info you can get; if they book an appt. with you via e-mail the actual e-mail will help also. This is forced poverty and false imprisonment and my family and I need your help with this. I work alone. I have been inducted into Biltmore Whos Who for 2010-2011 and Stanford Whos Who for 2010-2011. I have just been inducted into Remington Registry which mwans my story will be found in The Library of Congress. The following is a description of some of the thieves going out on my phone: A puerto Rican girl named Tara, A black girl, A brunette with concave chest and a huge derriere and a blond girl with the same. Every time you meet with someone who is stealing from me, please get as much info as possible. Thank you. Every time these jealous thieves steal from me and get away with it the more they are going to do it. Please help my family and me get them caught. Recordings are the best way-audio and video. Guaranteed payable $50,000.00 REWARD for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the group of jealous, lying prer-thieves illegally re-routing my business phone number 919-938-9173 or (you choose) guaranteed payable within 4 months of conviction $75,000.00 REWARD for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the jealous, lying prer-thieves illegally re-routing my business phone number 919-938-9173. Thank YOU.

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